Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Executive Health Screening Package

This package is suitable for everybody. This package includes :
1.0) thyroid function test
2.0) Glucose or diabetes screening
3.0) Liver function test
4.0) Kidney function test
5.0) Hepatitis screening ( HBsAg)
6.0) Viral screening ( VDRL or TPHA )
7.0) ABO blood grouping
8.0) Cholesterol and lipid profile9.0) Full blood count and blood picture
10.0) ESR
11.0) Rheumatoid screening
12.0) Gout status
13.0) Urine FEME
14.0) Resting ECG
15.0) Medical check-up
16.0) Ideal weight screening
17.0) Free consultation .

For the purpose of cholesterol and lipid profile, it is advisable to fast forat least 6 hours before examination or visit. It will be easier if come at
early morning before breakfast. Please call us for further information. 

with cheaper price every body can afford

RM 100.00 only

Pregnancy Wellness Package

All pregnant mother are advisable to undergone medical check-up at least once a month to know conditio of the mother and the baby. Here we are offering pakage for starter and also for regular monthly follow up.

Starter                   RM 120.00  only

1.0) Full blood count
2.0) ABO blood grouping
3.0) Viral serology ( VDRL / TPHA )
4.0) Hepatitis screening
5.0) HIV screening
6.0) Urine FEME
7.0) Ultrasound of abdomen and pelvis
8.0) Modified Glucose Tolerance Test( MGTT )
9.0) Medical check-up
10.0) Free consultation.

Antenatal monthly check-up               RM50.00 only

1.0) Urine FEME
2.0) Ultrasoung pelvis
3.0) Medical check-up
4.0)  Free medication ( Folic acid )
5.0) Free consultation

Pre-employment Scheme

this package is for anybody who are going to get medical check - up for pre-employment. This package is feasable for government or private sector. We have two type of scheme :

Advance package                                                          RM100.00

1.0) Vision acquity test
2.0) colour blind test
3.0) ideal weight sccreening
4.0) full blood count
5.0) High risk screening profile
       - Hepatitis , viral screening, Viral serology , Urine for morphine, urine for Cannabinoids, urine for 
         amphetamine , blood malaria parasite
6.0) urine FEME
7.0) ABO blood grouping
8.0) Urine Pregnancy test ( For female only )
9.0) Resting ECG
10.0) Full medical check-up
11.0) free consultation

Basic Package                                                 RM 50.00 only

1.0) Full medical check-up
2.0) Vision acquity test
3.0) color blind test
4.0) ideal weight screening
5.0) full blood count
6.0) Urine FEME
7.0) Resting ECG
8.0) Free consultation

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Women's Health Screening Package

This screening package is mainly for women's who concerned about their health status. This package includes :

1.0) Thyroid function test
2.0) Glucose and diabetes screening
3.0) Liver function test
4.0) Cholesterol profile
5.0) Hepatitis screening (HbsAg)
6.0) Kidney function test
7.0) Full blood count and picture
8.0) ESR
9.0) Viral serology screening ( VDRL/TPHA )
10.0 ) Rheumatoid screening
11.0) Gout status
12.0) ABO blood grouping
13.0) urine FEME
14.0) Resting ECG
15.0) Medical checkup
16.0) PAP smear
17.0) breast examination by female doctor
18.0) Ideal weight screening program
19.0) Free consultation

Kindly call us to book for female doctor. for the purpose of cholesterol and lipid profile please fasting for  at least 6 hours  before visit or advisable to comeearly morning before breakfast 

 RM 150.00 only